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I have been holding my breath for the young soccer team of boys and their coach who have been caught in the flooded Thai cave for ten days. Now that they have been discovered, the challenge will be in getting them out. It may not be easy and it will take yet more time, but the world can exhale for now knowing they are alive. Prayers do work magic this week, so live on your knees if you must and that air of hope you need in your own story will swiftly return to your lungs! Your ruler Jupiter stations direct in Scorpio on Tuesday, July 10, two days before the first of three eclipses this summer. Jupiter as an archetype governs your natural way in the world and with it being in Scorpio, it’s about being honest with who you are, penetratingly so, and living from this root of truths from here on out. Its about getting to the bottom of you and building up from your Soul base. With the Sun in Cancer forming a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune this week, it allows for water, thus emotion, to trickle down and reach your roots so you can emerge more vital and alive. Jupiter moving direct will allow you to expand with each step you take that honors your natural design.

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“astrology isn’t real, where the planets were when you were born doesn’t aff-“

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